Saturday, 19 May 2012

May 2012 Update: How did the nature of coalition government affect the NHS Reform Bill

Excellent summary from the BBC on where the government had to compromise on the NHS Bill. Many of which were pushed onto the government by LD backbenchers pressurising their leader. Revise these.
What the coalition wanted:
* GPs to take responsibility for £60bn of NHS funds
* Competition to be extended to more NHS services
* Reduced bureaucracy and fewer managers
* An increased role for the private sector
* Backing from every professional group involved.
What they have had to compromise on:
* NHS professionals such as hospital consultants and nurses given greater say in spending
* Competition limited to quality not price
* More managers to look into perceived risks
* All providers to be assessed for their suitability to run services.
The shape of things to come:
* Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) replace primary care trusts
* CCGs decide on care for patients, advise them where to go for treatment and pay the bills
*Some of the day-to-day control of the NHS passes to the new NHS Commissioning Board, which will manage the CCGs at a national and local level
*Responsibility for public health issues like obesity, smoking and alcohol abuse is handed to local councils
*All hospitals become foundation trusts and compete for treatment contracts from CCGs
*The cap on how much hospitals can earn from private patients rises from as little as 1.5% to 49%.

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