Friday, 20 January 2012

Polly Toynbee - the lefty's lefty

Polly Toynbee is one of those very well-known political columnists. She is a good one to mention for when discussing left-wing criticism of Coalition welfare policy.

Some potentially useful stats here if you (whether you believe them or not):

Cameron keeps forgetting that public applause is less than half the battle. Out in the real world, the wheels come off bad ideas rushed through recklessly. He will face a mudslide of awful stories: media outlets that support cuts now will soon be reporting shocking cases. Most disabled children lose £27 a week, and families with two disabled children lose twice as much. More than 40% already live below the poverty line, as these mothers can't work and have extra childcare costs. Expect heart-rending stories from the 25,000 young carers looking after disabled parents who lose £70 a week. Wait for the disabled ex-soldiers' complaints. All attention has been on cancer sufferers, but many with MS, motor neurone and other chronic disease lose employment and support allowance, too. Come 1 April, 280,000 disabled, both young and old, will have their benefits cut.


Remember the Coalition isn't 'evil' but its priorities are reducing the deficit and the welfare 'burden'. Critics of this tend to focus on (though some will say exaggerate) the potential impact of these changes.

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